The Dojo

The Kildonan Karate Dojo began in 2009 at the Bronx Park Community Centre.  In 2013 we moved into our own beautiful stand-alone facility at 1115 Henderson Highway.  The Dojo was built to provide a very special place in the community where students can come to practice karate.  It is often said that it is the instructor’s role to inspire students, but its s most often the other way around.  The students of Kildonan Karate have inspired me to make the Dojo a great place to train.  We strived to make the Dojo as traditional as possible to give that ‘true karate feel’, and our Dojo has become a very special place to train with a great spirit!

World Class Instructors

Many World Class Instructors have visited, and trained with us at Kildonan Karate. From Sensei John Mullin, and Sensei Scott Middleton to Sensei David Gimberline and Sensei Alvin Catacutan. The list is ever expanding and we hope you will get a chance to train with some of them.

"Waiting for a person to perform a task or accomplish a goal without making a single mistake is an unrealistic and unhealthy expectation. A leaders role is to encourage and support people in moving in a positive direction."


Kildonan Karate has rental opportunities available, please see our FAQ for more information.